2020 Vision

In February 2014 we adopted a new ‘reputational’ vision for Poole Dick Associates – that by the year 2020 the ‘Poole Dick Way’ would be widely recognised as THE way to manage a construction project in the UK. It implies there’s a distinctive way we go about things, which is valued by our clients. They’d been telling us this, but we hadn’t fully appreciated (or developed) it ourselves!

Our Vision revolves around 5 Core Values which underlines the importance we place on developing our people:

1. World class communication
2. Encourage creativity
3. Share knowledge
4. Stay sharp
5. Inside Out

The 5th underpins the others, our belief being that you can’t deliver great service to clients unless you’re strong on the INSIDE. This explains why we engaged the help of an external coach, to help us develop our Training Academy and our distinctive culture.

After just a few months, it began to show results. We’re currently busier than ever, we’re hiring new people and there’s a bit of a buzz being created about Poole Dick, both inside and out. And to cap it all, we were recently awarded Gold accreditation by Investors in People.


2020 vision2