Construction Cost & Project Management

Andrew Bayley


Andy studied at Liverpool John Moores University and graduated in 1988 with a BSc in Quantity Surveying. He joined the practice for Industry training in 1986 and returned full time following his graduation in 1988. Andy became an Associate Director in 2001 and was appointed Regional Director in 2009. Andy is a qualified Member of both the RICS and APS.

As a boy Andy dreamed of becoming a deep sea diver, but when your stated phobia is a “fear of drowning” it’s perhaps just as well he ended up in quantity surveying.
It remains to be seen if he’d be out of his depth at the dinner table, with preferred guests Mikhael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan requiring a little East-West glasnost.

Loves the Guggenheim, but Art Deco just isn’t his thing. Partial to a bit of Saxon (music, that is).

T: 0161 447 8500

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