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Oscar’s a winner at Poole Dick

September 10, 2018

At Poole Dick we admire people with an enterprising nature and a strong sense of purpose. So, when fifteen year old Rossendale resident Oscar Shuttleworth appeared on our radar we were happy to help out.

Oscar’s Dad is an architect and he informed us that his son was hoping to attend an International Scout Jamboree in Virginia, USA. Trips like this don’t come cheap and the young man’s challenge was to raise a whopping £3,900 to cover the cost of attending the camp next summer.

With Dad’s agreement, Oscar volunteered to do a day’s work in our Manchester office in return for a donation. Under the watchful eye of Senior Surveyor Emma Howarth, he assisted us with numerous duties including data input, filing and arithmetically checking documents.

“It must have been a bit daunting for a person of his age to be thrust into this situation,” explained Emma, “but he got stuck in and did really well.”

Oscar added, “It was great to raise some money for the jamboree but it also gave me an insight into what work is all about. I’m really grateful to Poole Dick.”

We wish Oscar good luck in his fundraising and look forward to hearing all about the trip in Summer 2019.