Construction Cost & Project Management

British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland

With a new roof completely installed, together with insulation which previously never existed, demolition of what used to be the café and the cinema, leaving a huge empty floor space, the museum is excitingly nearing completion.

This large floor area will now become exhibition space and will include several interactive units to be both informative and entertaining. The new café and conference hall will be alongside the newly designed shop at the front of the museum.

Now the archives, which were previously ‘hidden away upstairs’, have been relocated at the far end of the exhibition hall where visitors will be able to see the extent of documents and historic photographs held, and watch as pictures seemingly damaged beyond use, are painstakingly restored.

A new heating system will ensure that it will be possible to open the museum throughout the year and with the new lighting/ electrical system transform the museum into a place visitors will return to ….time and time again.

Contractors working both inside and outside the museum are making good progress. The pictures give an idea of repairs and alterations being made and the artist’s impression of how the foyer, café and shop may appear once completed.

New hands-on and interactive displays are in process of being constructed ready for installation … including a ‘Drive a Lorry’ simulator for young children to enjoy.

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