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Warth Road, Bury

WARTH Mills Prisoner of War Camp in Bury.

The photo shows Monkey Bridge over the River Irwell at Bury (which carries the Bury-Manchester line) and the eastern corner of what was the Warth Mills POW camp.

After the camp was considerably ‘reconditioned’, German and Italian prisoners of war started to use it. Initially the prisoners were U-boat crews and Luftwaffe crews but after Normandy there was a huge surge in Heer (army) and SS prisoners. By the time the camp was decommissioned in 1947, over 100,000 prisoners had spent time at Warth Mills.

There were several attempts to escape but no German prisoners managed to leave the country. One got as far north as Kendal, while two others made it to London before being caught.

At todays Warth Road development no one will be trying to escape.

Approaching completion the site consists of new homes and apartments built to the highest energy efficiency standards and will positively regenerate the area for it’s present day residents.

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