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Tiempo De Fiesta at Poole Dick Stoke

September 24, 2018

(Blog post by Laura Owen and Andrew Thorp)

Whenever our employees go abroad on holiday (or business) they like to bring back some fresh ideas to the office. We discuss these at team meetings and while some get rejected (the gaffer wasn’t too keen on the idea of an afternoon siesta), others get the thumbs up – siesta NO, fiesta YES!

As our heat wave became a distant memory, we decided to cling on to the summer with a Spanish-style celebration at our Stoke office with an unusual client focus.

In recent times Lidl have been running a ‘taste of offers’ promotion, inspired by various cultures around the world. Their Spanish week caught our eye and triggered the idea of an office party with an Iberian theme.

Blurring the lines between service provider and customer, Poole Dick employees Laura and Ange were despatched to our local Lidl for what turned into an episode of Supermarket Sweep. They returned with an impressive haul of Spanish tapas and prepared the Board Room for action.

To the accompaniment of Julio Iglesias, our staff broke bread together and reminisced of summers gone by – and the new in-store bakeries they’ve helped to install at Lidl locations across the UK!