Our Values

Our Values

Our business is based around 5 Core Values which inform and inspire everything we do.

1. World class communication
2. Encourage creativity
3. Share knowledge
4. Stay sharp
5. The Inside Out approach

World class communication

We want all our clients to pinpoint communication as a strength within Poole Dick, one of the main reasons they like to deal with us. It’s usually ranks No.1 on the list of things that organizations struggle with, and that’s why we place great emphasis on communication, both within our company and when liaising with clients and other partners. It’s about expressing ourselves well, in a language people can understand. It’s about listening as much as talking and getting into the shoes of our clients and partners. And by communicating regularly, inside and out, we build the trusted relationships which keep projects on track.

“World class” is a high bar, but we don’t see any point aiming low!

Encourage creativity

You might associate creativity with an architect, but when it comes to the QS…creative…really? The fact is, creativity comes in many forms and at Poole Dick we pride ourselves in coming up with unusual solutions to knotty problems.

As a construction consultant we absolutely want to safeguard your development, and provide the checks and balances you require. But we don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm for the vision you originally had for the project. That’s why we encourage a creative mind-set within the business – let’s find some innovative ways to create the dream, but avoid it turning into a nightmare!

Share knowledge

The knowledge that exists within a business is its greatest asset, but it’s no good if it stays within each individual. That’s why we regularly share knowledge, in multiple ways – not just spreadsheets and reports, but by sharing experiences and learning from them. We pool this knowledge and regularly dip into the archive, so we can always learn from past projects. This process involves all the staff, resulting in a valuable cross-fertilisation of ideas and perspectives, all of which enhances the service we give to our clients.

Stay sharp

We recognise the need to regularly ‘sharpen the saw’ and our Internal Training Academy is part of our commitment to keep our standards high. This includes staying on top of legal and technical developments and trends within our industry, something which is made easier by our culture of curiosity, knowledge-sharing and personal development.

We recognize that to effectively represent the interests of a client in the 21st century requires a more holistic skill set, including diplomacy, persuasiveness, big picture thinking, facilitation skills and an ability to communicate at all levels. Our Academy incorporates innovative, employee-led programmes in these areas.

Inside-Out Approach

Our commitment to knowledge sharing and personal development underlines a key Poole Dick belief – that you can’t provide great service on the outside unless you’re strong on the inside (our skills and expertise, but also our culture and internal processes). It’s the reason we’ve been able to sustain a high level of service for so many years, and have such a strong record on staff (and client) retention.

In another sense, inside-out implies that our people have a great attitude. That desire to see a project through and do a wonderful job comes from inside. We have an enormous pride in our work and the building we leave behind is as much a legacy for us as it is for our client.


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