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“We’re back!” – Poole Dick Returns to Manchester

September 3, 2019

(Post by Andy Bayley)

Things were different in the 80’s. These were the days when a call was taken by a receptionist, who also typed up your letters for the boss to read before posting. Suit & tie was the order of the day (you had to ask permission to remove your neck-wear) and we laboured in small cellular offices with drab décor and little natural light.

This was the lot of a quantity surveyor in 1986, the year I first came to Manchester to start work with Poole Dick in its Ridgefield Office. These were interesting times in construction. Plans were announced to build the Channel Tunnel, the Metro Centre began trading on Tyneside and Mrs Thatcher opened the completed M25 orbital motorway.

The building bug spread into popular culture too. The Communards had a hit that year with Don’t Leave Me This Way, a song that was clearly about snagging and which features the line “I will surely miss your tender (kiss)”.

Some things you never forget; the fact that our Poole Dick office was located next to Knobs and Knockers (the ironmongers), and at that time I reported to a director named Mr Cocker – honestly, you couldn’t make it up!

But what’s with all this reminiscing? Well, I’m happy to say that after an absence of 15 years Poole Dick will once again have a presence in Manchester city centre. This month we open an additional office (to complement our existing centres in Bury and Stoke) in the wonderful ‘Spaces’ complex in Peter House by St Peter’s Square.

Spaces gives us the flexibility we need to manage and expand our business – break out spaces for quiet working or impromptu conversations with colleagues or friends, dedicated meeting rooms for private client discussions and a well-stocked café for a bit of down-time.

There are clearly practical benefits to having a presence in the city centre; great connectivity, car parking and the proximity to clients/partners. But it was equally important that the new office environment aligns with our own Poole Dick culture and vision:

“To be a company everyone in our industry wants to work with, and for.”

Our former MD Steve Connolly was a great believer in the ‘Inside-Out’ approach; get it right on the inside and you’ll perform better on the outside. After all, if you want your people to do great things it helps if their working environment and company culture is conducive to good performance.

Supported by our in-house coach and ambassador Andrew Thorp, we’ve made huge progress with this in recent years and our new office in Manchester is another step on that journey.

It’s great to be back in the heart of the city and we look forward to welcoming you all.